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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Red Sox Don't Accept Yankee's gifts

Try as they might, the Yankees just could not give the game away to the Sox last night. Perhaps we weren’t in a very receiving mood.

Wake’s ball was all over the place, and he really didn’t pitch poorly. The big blow was A-rods 3 run homer that he thought he popped up.

Torre pulled Wright and we started to come back against a suspect bullpen. Manny’s spanking the ball and nailed a homer. Tons of walks and plenty of opportunity later we just didn’t get the job done. Just could not get the hits we needed when we had the men on to drive in.

Nice to see Riske pitch a clean 8th. I thought for sure this guy was going to be a project and he may be yet. But, he did pitch well last night. We need help in the pen in that 6th and 7th inning.

Pap looked so good. This guy is the real deal.

Lets hope Clement has a decent outing tonight.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Schill Hot - Yanks Not

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Nothing like taking the Yanks over the hot ones. Schill looked good. The biggest difference was his two strike pitching. He got guys to take swing and miss or take lame swings. The past few games guys got good hacks with two strikes and either got hits or really jacked up the pitch count.

Cora looked A1 certified slick with the mitt and bat last night. That double play he started… got the ball out of the mitt so quick I couldn’t believe it.

Everything was coming up roses until Foulke came in. He looked bored and left a bunch of pitches high over the plate. Hopefully we can chalk this one up to lack of concentration.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Here come the Yanks

Another episode of Red Sox - Yankees starts tonight.

As banged up as the Yanks are they are still right behind us at about the 1/4 mark of the season.

Here's how I see the Sox thus far:

I like our line-up. Youk's been solid all the way around. Love that guy. Loretta has come around and is looking like a real good pick-up. Alex G. has been slick with the mitt and terrible with the bat. At least the guy tries to do the little things like move runners along. Lowell has been an upgrade, and I liked Billy Mueller. Manny's been decent but not lighting it up like he can. Wily Mo has been solid but a bit of an adventure in the field. Trot looks like he's playing in a contract year. Nice and solid. Tek needs to pick it up with the stick, which I’m sure he will do.

The rotation 1-3 is fine. Clement? Who knows. The 5 spot like most teams is terrible.

The pen: Pap, Timlin and Foulke will win most games we lead going into the 7th. The rest of the pen is awful. Tavarez and Seanez looked good in the minor, I mean, National League. Like so many others they come over and you might as well a run and a half (at least) to their ERA.

So now what.

CoCo is coming back and I see us scoring more runs with him in the line-up and shoring up center defensivley. Wily hasn't botched too many plays but you can only screw up if you actually get to the ball. Coco will get to most of them.

Pitching help from the minors? In AA Hansen was hot closing out games but in AAA has been shelled and wild. A 2.86 ERA sounds good, but 15 hits and 10 walks in 15 2/3 innings of AAA pitching ain’t going to get you to the bigs anytime soon. Manny Delcarmen has pitched well but hasn’t faired real well in the bigs. Don’t have much hope of a real game changer coming up anytime soon.

The D has been very good, and I’d say border line great in the infield. Fielding percentage is somewhat misleading. Like I said about Wily Mo, you have to get to the ball to make an error. But the infield makes tough plays all night long. They turn the deuce as good as I can remember. How many games have been won just by playing great infield D?

I like our chances. Will Wells be effective? Who knows. Look for the Sox to try to shore up the 5 spot and little else until the Break.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Papelbon Gets sent to the Pen

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It’s too bad, but the Sox have put Papelbon in the pen. With the 5 starter slots being full of veterans (not necessarily more skilled, however) there is not room for our young pitcher.

The guy will be solid in relief, and I guarantee he’ll be a starter sometime this season. With three guys around 40 years old or more, you know there’s going to be injuries that Papelbon will have to fill in for.

It seems like he’s got a good attitude, so that’s refreshing.

Changing gears a little bit… Coco is hitting .472 for the Spring. Not to hand him the batting title yet, it’s nice to see him doing well early. Let’s hope it translates into a great start to the regular season.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sox and Yankees start off hot

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It appears the Sox and Yanks have picked up their love affair where it left off. Three guys got hit by pitches, two were the Sox.

Wily Mo Pena took one way out of the yard. If the Sox traded a good pitcher for him, at least let him be productive for us.

Papelbon was OK, giving up two runs in five innings. Bernie Where’s my Social Security Check Williams hit a solo shot off him. Besides that he was solid.

Stern looks to be a whole lot better than he was last year. The guy was a nightmare on the bases, shaky in the field and bad at the plate. In the WBC and so far in Spring Training he’s looking a lot better.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wells coming around

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The Grape fruit League has been a little tough on the Sox. We’ve been fielding teams of prospects for the most part and losing a lot of games.

Spring is time to get in shape and David Wells says he’s feeling good and getting his mechanics down. We have to hope and pray he’s healthy this season. His 4.45 ERA last year wasn’t great, but how many men on did the bull pen let score that were charged against Wells? I don’t know but I’m sure the answer is lots.

David seems to have his mind right, as long as the body follows we should be in good shape.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Never Trade A Solid Pitcher for a Position Player

That's been my opinion for a long time, and that's just the opposite of what the Sox did. We traded Bronson Arroyo for Wily Mo Pena, an outfielder.

We gave up a guy with the most quality starts on the staff last season for a guy that's powerful and undisciplined at the plate.

I know we have a lot of pitchers, but, let's look at something. Wells, 42, Schilling, 39, Timlin, 40, Wakefield, 39. Get the picture. We gots lots of arms, and some of them have a lot of miles on them. We could go from lots of arms to being short in a week.

Arroyo (29) will never win the Cy, but the guy's solid. Plus, he may have hurt himself by accepting a contract for less than he could have got in free agency because he loves Boston so much. I feel bad for the guy.

We couldn't slug our way to the Series last year, and we never will. The team needs balance and right now we still have it. But I hate to see a young arm go for a big bat. I haven't read a thing about Pena's defensive prowess or his speed. He'll need some of both to play the large right field at Fenway to spell Trot.